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The truth is knowing how to build a high converting funnel for your online business is just the beginning

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Is It Really Possible To Learn How To build an online coaching business that pulls in 6-7 figures flowing a step-by-step formula Even If You've Never built an online business before ..?

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Hi, I’m Hamza Lms.

A direct-response marketer and online entrepreneur.

And in just minutes, you’ll discover why this letter may contain the SECRET to building an online coaching business that pulls in 6-7 figures

Plus, you’ll discover:

Important Notice

This system has been used by the legends of Direct Response across time and generated hundreds of millions in sales. However, most entrepreneurs/marketers, including the “experienced” ones have no clue it even exists… and rely on “creativity” to start and scale new online businesses, which is a COSTLY mistake. Avoid this mistake by reading this letter carefully as the secret system revealed could show you the fastest and easiest way to start and scale an online business that pulls in BIG bucks – consistently and without luck.

I’m about to reveal a business system that's proven to convert in all coaching niches including Life coaching, business coaching, Health coaching, Career coaching, and more.

This system brought in $34,925.18 in a SINGLE day

We used this system for a smaller client to bring in $4,682 in under 24 hours

We used this system to grow sales for a new business to $17,052 in under 30 days

Even though you may now think this sounds like a big ol’ pile of you know what, as soon as you put this secret system to use, like hundreds of online coaches have already done…

… you’ll be pleasantly amazed how much more money your business starts generating, almost overnight.

How suddenly, even products in the most competitive niches suddenly become easy to sell.

How conversions experience a drastic growth.

How effortless and easy running the business becomes – even if you’re a complete newbie who’s never had a coaching business before.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m going to reveal the secret system all top entrepreneurs follow to build online businesses that pull in millions of dollars, but before I do you need to know

The reality majority of online coaches live

The majority of online coaches live a life of struggle bouncing from one business coach to the other getting burned out by countless marketing agencies struggling to get prospects to book the call and struggling even more when trying to close those prospects to become actual paying clients

they spend hours upon hours hustling and working hard With NOTHING To Show For It

and here is the core problem

the majority of online coaches have a business with no solid foundation and a business that can’t withstand the course of time

So Is there a system one can follow to build a successful online coaching business a business with a solid foundation a business that will withstand the course of time?

After being in the online business space for a couple of years and after building a couple of successful online business

I was always asking myself

Why does some online business seem to be able to land new clients ad grow with ease while being in the game less years than others?

so I made it my life mission to go out and reverse engineer all these ultra-successful online businesses to figure out their secrets to understand from a foundational level, is there a systematic approach a step-by-step system anyone can flow to start and grow their online business

I discovered a secret system that once used, will allow you to start and grow a fundamentally sound online coaching business that pulls in 6-7 figures

after reverse engineering all these ultra-successful businesses I could see that they all follow the same blueprint they all have the same core components the same pieces of the puzzle

And I was able to see with pure clarity why the majority won’t make it with their online coaching business simply because they lack more than one core component so even if they have some success it’s always not sustainable it always vanishes as fast as it comes

What’s the secret system?

The MOTCR system in my opinion is the holy grail of online business heck the MOCTCR system is the holy grail of any type of business you see out there

because every successful business is following the same system they all have the same building blocks which gives them an increased possibility for guaranteed success

and here is the big picture of the MOCTR system

I start with a starving market And find a submarket inside my starving market And I find a niche inside of my submarket And find a specific target inside of my niche

And then you know what I do?

I figure out what type of food (product/service) would get this person’s mouth-watering.

(Hint: It won’t be the same type of food he’s already used to eating. Nope. It has to be unique.)

Then I invent this “NEW” type of (food) product/service

And because I’m the only one selling this type of FOOD _. and it solves my target’s problem (better than anything else), he or she has no choice but to give me his money in exchange for the food.


No worries.

That’s the BIG picture.

And I wanted you to see it (because it’s what you’ll be learning to do inside this course step-by-step).

The MOTCR System Works Because It Follows A Specific “Scientific” Sequence Of Steps That Are Practically Guaranteed To Create a wildly successful business…

Let’s take a look at each below:


Start with A Starving Market

most people approach business and marketing the wrong way They start by putting their heart and soul into creating a product or service. then market it

And they get surprised when no one wants to buy it.

I don’t do this. You shouldn’t either.


Because if you start with a product or service, it won’t be irresistible. It won’t stand out. It won’t position you like a G. It won’t make you the BIG bucks. It won’t give you an increased possibility of success.

So if you don’t start with a product or service—then where do you start, Hamza?”

I start with a starving market And find a submarket inside my starving market And I find a niche inside of my submarket And find a specific target inside of my niche

you will get a step-by-step process plus examples so you know exactly how to select your market and pick your niche and Target


Getting Inside the Head of Your Target

Now we’re going to stalk your target

We’re going to gather as much intelligence as we can, and use that information, later on, to craft our irresistible offer so that when presented with it you’re target has nothing to say but

“Shut up and take my money”

You will get a step-by-step process to follow plus all the questions you need to answer in order to create your dream customer avatar

It’s going to be just fill in the blanks, follow the formula get the results


Create Your Irresistible Offer

having an Irresistible Offer people can’t say no to is so crucial for the success of your business

In this module, you will learn the process of how to create an Irresistible Offer plus

What makes an offer Irresistible The 4 core components of an Irresistible offer What should you sell (How to craft your irresistible Offer) How to enhance your offer and make it so valuable so irresistible that your target has no other choice but to say. “shut up and take my money”


Traffic is never the problem

Contrary to what you might believe traffic is never the problem even though I know that the majority of entrepreneurs/ marketers get obsessed with traffic generation and with it’s different methods and techniques

what you need to understand is when you have a deep understanding about your market and target generating traffic becomes so easy

so in this module, you will learn

The number one question you need to ask yourself in order to understand traffic the right way
The different types of traffic and how to leverage them to grow your business
The most important type of traffic that your business needs to have in order to guarantee success


Engineer a Wildly Profitable Marketing Funnel

in this module, I’m going to show you the exact process you need to follow to build a height-converting sales funnel

And this process I’m going to teach you is the exact framework all the top marketers follow to build funnels that pull in millions of dollars.

Frankly, I don’t believe a marketer can craft a powerful, sales-inducing funnel without following this exact framework

Not, unless they get lucky.

and here’s how we do it

Stage 1: Plan

Stage 2: Build

Stage3: Test

Stage 4: Optimize


Retention the Ultimate Business Goal​

So we did all the hard work to get in new customers to our business but you know what

The ultimate goal is

1- to get those customers to return and become regular buyers

2- to get those customers to do the marketing for you and refer new customers to your business

So how can we do that? you ask

well in this module I’ll teach you all the different techniques and strategies to achieve the ultimate business goal AKA retention


It takes you by the hand and teaches you the exact structure that goes into building a successful online coaching business and a lot more including:

I want to invite you to try The MOTCR system for yourself for as little as 19$

Because truth is:

I don’t need your money.


Unlike most online gurus, I make my money by applying this secret system daily.

Not by selling courses.

That’s why I give you the opportunity to get your hands on the MOTCR system for as little as 9$

“But if you don’t want my $, then why don’t you give away The MOTCR system for FREE?”

Good question.

Here’s why:

Free information doesn’t get acted on.

Only when people pay for information do they carefully go through it and put it into action. I don’t want you to briefly skim through the course. I want you to use it to actually build a successful online coaching business.

That’s why I need you to part with a little bit of money

You'll receive The MOTCR system and 4 BIG bonuses…

Big Bonus #1: The only 3 funnels you need to grow your online coaching business plus a 32,000$ case study

In this guide, I’m going to share with you the only 3 funnels you need to test in order to grow your coaching business plus the analysis of a 32,000$ case study

Big Bonus #2: The Facebook Ads Blueprint for 2022

Facebook ads is constantly changing and what used to work 3 years ago will leave you today with an empty wallet and zero results to show for

in this guide, I’m going to teach you the latest techniques and hacks to leverage the power of Facebook ads in your business in 2022 and beyond

Big Bonus #3: how to go viral on TikTok 10 secrets guide to hack the TikTok algorithm

Tiktok is literally the biggest opportunity in social media as of now and if you’re not leveraging TikTok to grow your online following and your business you’re leaving so much on the table

and in this guide, I’m going to give 10 secret steps that will allow you to hack the TikTok algorithm, go viral, get millions of views for free and grow your account and business while at it.

Big Bonus #4: Free 1on1 call with me

you have some questions that you don’t know how to answer you need guidance and your next move you just let me know and I will allow you to schedule a free 1h 1on1 call with me where I will answer all your questions and guide you to the right next move

My Personal Guarantee

I know for a fact that these resources will be one of the most powerful systems you ever discover that if your business doesn’t experience a MASSIVE boost in conversions within 90 days of applying it (and/or you don’t start signing clients and making money hand over fist), then I’ll refund you every single penny – no questions asked (proof of application is required and refunds for any other reason will not be considered).

This way all the risk is on me…

And all you risk is making MORE money!

Fair enough?

Okay, here’s a quick recap of everything you’re getting today.

For Just $497 $19

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But because you don’t know the secret “MOTCR” system, you’re shooting your business sales in the foot.

Put the gun down.

Pick up the MOTCR System instead.

And use your newfound skill-set to reach your FULL potential.

To Order, Simply Click The Button Above. Fill Out Your Information. Then Within 15 Minutes, You’ll Receive An Email From US With Your Login Instructions And Get Instant Access To The MOTCR System All 3 BIG Bonuses

P.S. The MOTCR system will give you the system you need to quickly and completely transform your online coaching business. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you’re able to start and grow your online coaching business. Chances are this course contains EXACTLY what you need to take your business to the next level, and I’m confident it will work for you as it has for so many others. Don’t hesitate… get this course now. You won’t be disappointed

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