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How Andrew Tate Conquered the Internet and Built a $100M Business on Top of That


Andrew Tate has completely taken over the internet; it seems like everyone is talking about him – influencers, news networks, celebrities, even the average Joe on the streets is talking about him- the man is literally everywhere.

At one point, Andrew Cobra Tate was the most searched man on the internet; more people were searching for him than Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and queen Elizabeth. And, he was able to amass millions of followers in just a few months.

The question is: how did Andrew Tate rise from the shadows of anonymity to one of the internet’s most infamous personalities in just a short period? Is there a system, a blueprint, that you, you and me can follow to replicate the same results? Well, this is what we’re going to reveal in this Article. So, buckle up and get ready because we’re going to uncover Andrew Tate’s secrets.

The Start

To fully understand the master plan, the genius behind the chaos, to fully understand the process that led to hundreds of millions of dollars, millions of followers, and billions of views, we will have to go a little bit back in time.

After a successful kickboxing career, where Andrew Tate was able to become a world champion in 2 different weight divisions, around 2017, Andrew Tate decided to take his social media presence more seriously, mainly on Twitter and YouTube, where he started to share his thoughts and infinite knowledge with the public. But the thing is, after years of posting videos on his YouTube channel, Andrew Tate was still relatively small, with a couple of hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram. But little did we know, Andrew’s rise to fame was just beginning.

This will lead us to the first step of Andrew Tate’s blueprint

1 - Employ Controversy

Due to his controversial views and evocative statements, Andrew Tate began to gain attention from other YouTubers, such as Drew Gooden and Leon Lush, who began to feature him in their videos. comedian Tom Segura and his wife Christina P were constantly reacting to his videos with their reactions getting hundreds of thousands of views

but it’s not just bold statements and controversy Andrew Tate hard work and consistency in uploading those videos also played a significant role in him getting noticed by these other creators.

So, The more bold statements he made, the more reactions he elicited, and the more he was able to grow his image and brand.

As Andrew Tate’s rise to fame was starting to pick up some steam, he made a really smart decision instead of following the traditional way of constantly uploading video after video hoping that one of his videos is going to get blessed by the youtube algorithm

Andrew Tate made a really clever change to his strategy.

2: Leverage Other People's Audience.

Andrew Tate knew that the traditional way of creating content was not going to cut it. It’s too slow, too limited. He knew that in order to take a shortcut to true internet fame, to take a shortcut to millions and millions of followers, he had to approach things in a new way. He needed to leverage other people’s audiences, he needed to collaborate with those who already had a massive following. And so, he set out on a media tour, appearing on as many relevant podcasts as possible, performing, entertaining, and mainly promoting his business, Hustler’s University.

Hustler's University

let’s take a moment to delve into the world of Hustler’s University, the brainchild of Andrew Tate, where he promises to teach his students the secrets to acquiring wealth quickly, it’s all about fast money. But as we all know, there is no Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, there is no shortcut to millions and millions of dollars. The type of money Andrew speaks of is not in the millions, but maybe a steady stream of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Yet, the true genius of Hustler’s University lies in its accessibility. Instead of a high-priced course, Andrew chose to offer a low-entry fee, making it accessible to the masses. In December 2021, he had 6,000 students paying him $50 per month, generating $300,000 per month. Impressive, But that was just the beginning. Today, the latest numbers show that he has 200,000 students paying $50 per month, resulting in a staggering $10 million per month, a $120 million per year, all profit. Andrew claims that this is not about the money, but rather his genuine desire to improve people’s lives. He states, ‘I already have money, I don’t need it.’ But is this a mere sales pitch or a genuine mission? well, The answer is for you to decide.

As Andrew Tate’s media tour progressed, it became increasingly clear that strategic appearances on the right podcasts would be vital to his success. One of the key platforms that played a crucial role in his journey was the Fresh and Fit Podcast. Known within the manosphere, a community of content creators who focus on game pickup and champion traditional gender roles.

The Fresh and Fit Podcast, was among the biggest and most culturally relevant in the manosphere and they were absolutely enamored with Tate. They loved his message and the way he presented it. And for obvious reasons, three of their biggest podcast episodes ever were with Andrew, it was no surprise that he was quickly embraced by the community, cementing his position as a leading figure within the manosphere. Another key player in his media tour was the Your Mom’s House Podcast, hosted by professional stand-up comedian Tom Segura. Tom was genuinely entertained by Tate’s jokes and in agreement with his ideals. This was a huge endorsement from a professional stand-up comedian and further solidified Tate’s rise to fame.

As Andrew Tate’s media tour reached new heights of success, he devised a cunning new strategy, a new strategy that would change everything.

3: Build Your Army

Andrew found a way for his students at Hustler’s University to make money while at same time boosting his own fame.

It was simple yet brilliant. Andrew went on as many podcasts and talk shows as possible, performing and leaving a lasting impression on the audience. He then instructed his students to clip as many segments as they could, edit them slightly and create fan pages on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms, and post them there.

The clips constantly went viral, thanks to Andrew’s polarizing personality. And while he didn’t have an official TikTok account, some of his students’ accounts had hundreds of thousands of followers, all thanks to simply clipping his podcast appearances.

As the views piled up, the students included affiliate links to Hustler’s University course, meaning that if someone signed up through their link, they would receive a percentage of the sign-up fee. The strategy was so easy and effective that thousands of students jumped on board, reposting Andrew’s content and accumulating hundreds of thousands of followers and hundreds of millions of views.

The social media algorithms were flooded with videos of Andrew, and he had an army of students scattered around the world working tirelessly to make him even richer and more famous. Andrew’s genius strategy had paid off, and his empire continued to grow.

4 : The Truth Behind the Chaos

Despite the controversies and chaos that surrounded Andrew Tate, he possessed a unique quality that helped him rise to the pinnacle of success and notoriety. Beneath all the antics and controversial hot takes, Tate had moments where he conveyed a message of truth that resonated with his fans and gained him the support of influential figures such as Joe Rogan, Piers Morgan, Patrick Bet-David, and others who recognized the validity in his words.

This only fueled the fire of Tate’s success, as more and more people saw him as a voice of good in a world filled with uncertainty. A voice that they needed and wanted to hear. A voice that spoke the truth, no matter what the consequences.


As his popularity grew, so did his following, and Tate became a symbol of hope for those who believed in his message. Despite the controversies, he never strayed from his beliefs. His unwavering conviction, coupled with the support of his fans, cemented him as a force to be reckoned with.

5 : Create a Common Enemy

Propaganda is communication that is primarily used to influence or persuade an audience to further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be selectively presenting facts to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is being presented.

Throughout history, people and nations have used propaganda to rally support around a common cause or enemy. By demonizing a particular group, idea, or individual, they create a powerful narrative that galvanizes support and justifies their actions. This technique has been used in countless political, military, and social contexts.

And so did Andrew Tate. He created the perfect common enemy, an enemy that threatened us all: the Matrix.

According to Tate, the Matrix is a powerful organization that controls the world, using its malicious techniques to enslave the population and maintain its grip on power. No one was safe from its reach; it had the power to cancel you, imprison you, and even end you.

By positioning himself as the leader of the resistance, the leader of the fight against the Matrix, Tate galvanized his fans and gained a following that continued to grow. You see, having a common enemy is very important. By directing people’s anger and frustration towards a common enemy, leaders are able to unite their followers and consolidate their power. Tate’s use of this tactic proved successful, as he emerged as a figurehead for those who believed in his message of resistance. This, in turn, strengthened the bond with his supporters and propelled him to even greater fame and success.

6 : Create a Never-Ending Loop

In the world of entertainment, few things are more valuable than a name that resonates with audiences. Andrew Tate has built his reputation on being a controversial figure with a unique perspective on life. This has made him a sought-after guest by many podcasters and talk show hosts, as they know that when Andrew is on the program, views and clicks pile up.

But it’s not just about appearances. When Andrew speaks, he shares his hot takes, provocative opinions, and unconventional worldview. People react to him, sharing clips and videos of his appearances on social media. This only fuels the never-ending loop that has pushed Andrew to greater and greater heights of fame and success.

It’s a system that works for Andrew, and he knows it. By creating a persona that gets people talking and keeps them engaged, Andrew has built a loyal following that can’t get enough of him. And as long as he keeps providing the content they crave.

But it’s not just Andrew’s fans who contribute to this phenomenon. He has also attracted a vocal group of critics and detractors, a cohort that simply can’t seem to stop talking about him. Although they may disagree with Andrew, they can’t help but keep his name in the public eye, unwittingly contributing to the buzz that surrounds him. The result is a cycle of attention and notoriety that seems to keep perpetuating itself, drawing in new fans and critics alike.


A Step by Step Process to Replicate The Same Business

Let me begin by stating that replicating exactly what Andrew Tate achieved will be challenging. You will need to emulate his charisma, personality, opinions, and life experiences. We’re all unique individuals, so there can only be one Andrew Tate. Furthermore, Andrew had perfect timing, striking gold as the short-form content algorithms were on the rise.

However, here’s a step-by-step process to replicate the Andrew Tate blueprint.

Before you can do anything, you need to start by building your personal brand. You can do this by offering valuable content, teaching people about your area of expertise, or by being entertaining and cultivating an audience around that. Your personal brand will serve as an asset, a foundational piece that will make everything else easier. If you don’t want to build a personal brand, then you will need to build something legitimate, such as a successful company. You need to have some form of achievements and accomplishments in your life, as these will serve as a crucial point for our next steps

Here is a detailed no-fluff, action-ready chapter taken directly from our premium course, ‘The MOTCR System’. where I reveal an easy-to-follow, step-by-step framework to craft Offers so good, your customers will be practically shouting, ‘Shut up and take my money!’

Keep in mind that you need to make your offer lower ticket to make it accessible to the masses. Also, creating it as a subscription will make it even better. Follow the process laid out in the guide and build something compelling to sell, and you’re ready for the next step.

Here, we will follow the Dream 100 strategy. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select 100 podcasts that have already built an audience of your dream customers (ensure these podcasts are in video format). Do everything within your ability to secure a feature on these podcasts. If you already possess a decent personal brand or significant achievements, landing a podcast appearance should be easy. The point is, I don’t care how, but do everything within your power to appear on 100 podcast episodes.

When you secure your spot on these podcasts, make sure to put on a show. Conduct rehearsals, study Andrew Tate along with other influential individuals, and strive to emulate their charisma, speech, pauses, and storytelling abilities. Developing this skill can literally change your life. Be personal, be entertaining, and ensure to promote your product as well.

I can already hear some of you saying Ooh that this is hard, I have to be charismatic, funny, and entertaining Ooh NOoo. To that I have only one thing to say: FUCK YOU.

As you are appearing on these podcasts and getting exposed to your dream clients, you’re going to start making sales. Now, you will present your clients with an amazing NEW opportunity that will allow them to make more money. They are going to become affiliates for your product. All they have to do is share short clips of you from your podcast appearances on their social media accounts and share their affiliate link with it, and voila, they will be making money with every sale of your product.

Magical, isn’t it? LOL.

You can also start reaching out to people who have niche pages on Instagram and TikTok that are relevant to your niche and pitch them your affiliate offer. Alternatively, you can hire a team of people with a single mission: repurposing your podcast appearances into short-form content and sharing these on various accounts. Emphasize different accounts – the more accounts sharing your content, the better.

Push as hard as you can, continue growing your personal brand and appearing on more podcasts. The more significant your reach becomes, the more podcast hosts will start inviting you to be featured on their shows. However, at this point, you will need to be meticulous and strategic about your appearances. Also, ensure to work closely with your clients and offer them the best products and services. You don’t want to be a renowned guru known for fraudulence or scamming. Strive to offer your clients the best of the best, and with the incentive of the affiliate program, your clients will spread the word and further your marketing efforts. Rinse and repeat, continue doing what’s working and discontinue what’s not.

In a year or two, you could be famous, wealthy, and on top of the world. But hey, don’t forget where you heard it first.