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Tired of chasing online business trends? Exhausted from trying one strategy after another without results? It’s not your fault. You’ve just been missing the key to guaranteed success.

Unlocking the Power of the MOTCR System

The Holy Grail of Business Success

1- Market, 2- Offer, 3- Traffic, 4- Conversion, 5- Retention

The MOTCR system in my opinion is the holy grail of online business heck the MOCTCR system is the holy grail of any type of business you see out there

because every successful business is following the same system they all have the same building blocks which gives them an increased possibility for guaranteed success

and here is the big picture of the MOCTR system

I start with a starving market And find a submarket inside my starving market And I find a niche inside of my submarket And find a specific target inside of my niche

And then you know what I do?

I figure out what type of food (product/service) would get this person’s mouth-watering.

(Hint: It won’t be the same type of food he’s already used to eating. Nope. It has to be unique.)

Then I invent this “NEW” type of (food) product/service and put it inside of my conversion engine. 

And because I’m the only one selling this type of FOOD _. and it solves my target’s problem (better than anything else), he or she has no choice but to give me his money in exchange for the food.


No worries.

That’s the BIG picture.

And I wanted you to see it (because it’s what you’ll be learning to do inside this course step-by-step).

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